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Temp Car Insurance, 1 - 28 days & 1 to 3 months insurance.

Temporary Car Insurance

Car Insurance for Special Occasions: Driving around without car insurance is no longer an option. You need to be covered in case that an accident happens, but also the legal and tax systems oblige you to acquire proper coverage. There is a lot to say about how to choose the best policy for your car, get a good plan and save money in the process. However, that isn’t the point of this article, precisely because there is a lot of information on the matter out there.

Our point is that traditional car insurance isn’t the best solution in all cases. Let’s see a few examples of this.

Imagine that your car is broken, and the mechanic needs a whole week to get it fixed. You need a car, so you borrow one from a friend and drive it for your daily needs. As your friend’s insurance only covers the car when he’s driving it, there will be no coverage if you have an accident.

Now let’s say that you want to go out on vacations with said friend, and it’s a long trip on the road. You will want to take turns while driving, so one of you can rest while the other one is behind the wheel. You will find the same problem: as the insurance only covers the car when its owner drives it, if something happens when the other person is behind the wheel, you will get no coverage.

One third example. Imagine that your student son is back from college for the holidays and wants to drive your car while he’s at home. He won’t have coverage either!

In all these cases, a traditional car insurance scheme doesn’t seem right, since those policies are annual, and it isn’t worth it to pay for a whole year if you’re planning to drive for under a month. It makes no sense. So what should you do?

Temporary Car Insurance

This is the perfect option for you to get proper coverage in short term situations like the ones described above. Temporary can insurance can last for as short as only one day, but it usually can be extended to 28 days. This scheme is ideal for many cases where you will be driving a car for only a brief period of time: cars that you borrow, test drive cars, sharing the wheel, lending your car to visiting relatives and courtesy vehicles. A temporary insurance is also great if you want to spend a few days abroad with your car, since regular insurance doesn’t usually cover your vehicle outside of the UK.

A great advantage of temp insurance is that it’s usually cheaper than annual policies. You have more freedom to choose which aspects you need to cover, and the less comprehensive the cover is, the less you will pay. Almost any vehicle which is registered in the UK and hasn’t undergone any modifications can be covered with a temporary car insurance. This also counts for other motor vehicles.

Another advantage of this scheme is that, as it is independent from your regular insurance, any accident or claim that falls under it will not affect your main insurance record. We want to highlight this point because, in some cases, what people do is not to get temporary cover but to add a second person to their existing policy. This might look like a cheap and easy option, but if that person gets involved in an accident, your own record will be affected, and your premium for next year will rise. If you are the one who has been added to someone else’s coverage, like a friend’s or relative’s, you will be negatively affecting them in the case that something happened while you were driving.

A Few Things to Take on Account

Even if temporary insurance is technically a cover, it doesn’t count for taxing the vehicle. In other words, you need to either get some sort of traditional cover, or register your car as off road with the DVLA.

Also, you can’t save money by getting one temporary insurance plan after another. There are limitations for the number of policies you can take every year. If you want to save money with your car insurance, there are other things you should do. In example, compare rates from many providers, ahead in time, so you can pick the best plan for you. Take care of your driving record, because it will raise your premium in case that you have points in your license.

Also, remember that some companies won’t offer a temporary insurance plan if you’re under 21, or at least charge an elevated premium.